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Finance available on all of our models Enquire Now! Specifications OVERVIEW Model Name Lexmoto LS-N 125 Model Code SK125-K Fuel Capacity 15.5 Litres PERFORMANCE Max Power.

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TFT Display - The LXR SE 125 Euro 5 has a sharper, more responsive screen with the TFT display. Liquid Cooled - Enhanced cooling ensures that the motor delivers maximum performance. Stainless Steel Exhaust - The standard exhaust on the Lexmoto LXR SE 125 Euro 5 is stainless steel and offers improved sound & durability.

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13.5 Litres About the Lexmoto LXR 125 Euro 5 Officially the most registered sports-bike of 2020, the LXR dominates on the road as well as it does in the charts! The `big-bike` feel is here to. Jul 01, 2022 · This perfect performance remapping chip makes the Lexmoto LXR 125 pull like a freight train. This impressive fuel management chip is unequivocally the performance mod your motorcycle is starving for. Specs Claims 15% extra Horsepower and Torque 22% faster acceleration throughout the RPM range 6% fuel mileage improvement.

The LXR takes centre stage as Lexmoto`s flagship of the range. Its impressive set of features and menacing silhouette show clearly that this sports model is here to dominate the streets AND the market. Inspired by the race track, the LXR`s power comes from an ultra-smooth liquid cooled unit cloaked in a robust trellis type frame. The dual front disc brakes provide the stopping power needed ....

lexmoto lxr 125, Lexmoto LXR 125 is a new Bike by Lexmoto, the price of LXR 125 in South Africa is South African Rand 56,550, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of LXR 125 in South Africa with detailed specifications and features. Price in South Africa, ZAR 56,550, lexmoto lxr 125 Specifications,.

Lexmoto LXR 125 for mobile phones. Motorcycle pictures and specs. ... More specs. All technical data from Rating. Detailed 2021 Lexmoto LXR 125 rating..

Lexmoto LXR SE 125 Euro 5 Overview. A proven class leader that`s dominated the sales charts, the LXR SE gets a full refresh for 2021. Updated to meet Euro 5 standards, at its heart sits an all-new 125cc single cylinder engine, offering better performance throughout the entire rev range, a better pick up on the throttle and a smoother ride.

Your LXR SE 125 is starving for extra horsepower? We sell five star Lexmoto ECU fuel tuners. FREE shipping. Magnum brand stands alone when performance is what you are after.

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Follow the tire manufacturer's specifications and recommendations for break in periods. Breaking in new tires is an important step. 2018. 6. 16. ... LEXMOTO LXR SE 125 EURO 5 NEW 2022. Chichester, West Sussex. A proven class leader that's dominated the sales charts, the LXR SE gets a full refresh for 2021. Updated to meet Euro 5 standards, at.

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2016 Lexmoto Assault 125 specifications, pictures, reviews and rating: 2016 Lexmoto Assault 125. Picture credits - Lexmoto. Submit more pictures. ... Touring capabilities for the 2016.

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Lexmoto LXR 125 is a new Bike by Lexmoto, ... lexmoto lxr 125 Specifications. Brand. Lexmoto. Model. LXR 125. Status. Available. Release Date. 2022. Full Specs and Features. Model Name. Lexmoto LXR 125 Euro 5. Model Code. SY125-10-E5. Fuel Capacity. 13.5 Litres. Max Power (12.5 hp) 9.3kW @9000.

Do away with factory RPM speed restrictions and maximize the speed and the power potential of your Lexmoto LXR SE 125. Adjustable RPM limit adjustment is achieved by a microcontroller, selects the RPM in increments of 20 1/min. Performance CDI overrides the Engine management's base signal. Mitt 125 Gp 2 Lexmoto Lxs Bj 21 - Engine Without Attachments 1500 Km A167g. The standard exhaust on this bike is stainless steel and offers improved sound & durability. COMBINED BRAKING Combined braking distributes the braking between both wheels, reducing braking distance and the tendency to skid..

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The Lexmoto LXR 125 is a budget learner friendly full size sports bike and is powered by a Euro 5 compliant liquid cooled 125 cc single cylinder engine, producing 12.5 bhp at 9,000 rpm and maximum torque at 6,750 rpm. Compared to the popular 2018-2020 model there's a new Euro 5 engine with a smidge more power 500 rpm lower down the range, a.

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Lexmoto's profilation of this bike If your ride sees you encounter tricky terrain and challenging potholes then the Assault is going to be the bike for you. Built around a smooth 4 stroke overhead cam engine this 125cc motorcycle is complimented with a sleek fairing design and robust build quality. Motorcycle web shop overview.

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Features of the Lexmoto LXR 125 (Euro 5) Clean and efficient engine – The LXR 125 complies with the Euro-5 emissions regulations and delivers impressive miles per gallon. Clear digital instruments - With an easy to red digital display, the LXR 125 gives the rider all the information they need at a quick glance. Sporty liquid-cooled engine ....

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Lexmoto LXR 125 - Lexie United Kingdom, England, Milton Keynes. daniel.demmon1407. 0. Read more in Moto Blogs. When life gets tough, we are here to listen, to support, to ride - Mental Health Motorbike advert. Lexmoto.

Summarizing the characteristics of this bike, it has an engine displacement of 23.07 ci and a total power of 35.0 hp (25.5 kw) @ 9000 rpm with an twin-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with electric start. Here you have access to the specifications and datasheet of this great motorcycle. Rating 4.3 /5 34 ratings 5 19 4 9 3 3 2 2 1 1.

Lexmoto LXR 125 Euro 5 Model Code SY125-10-E5 Fuel Capacity 13.5 Litres PERFORMANCE Max KMH 110 kph Max Power ( 12.5 hp) 9.3kW @9000 Max Torque 11.0Nm @6750 ENGINE Engine Brand 158MI-2P Engine Type Single Cylinder Engine Stroke 4 Stroke Engine Cooling Water Cooled Displacement 125 cc Clutch Type Hand Operated Gear Type 6 Speed Drive Type Chain.

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13.5 Litres About the Lexmoto LXR 125 Euro 5 Officially the most registered sports-bike of 2020, the LXR dominates on the road as well as it does in the charts! The `big-bike` feel is here to.